Creating A Group

Creating Groups For Local and Sate Activities


After you are registered with a user account, you can create a group of your own to facilitate local conversations.  For example, your coalition may have established a task force on alcopops in your community.  Create your “Alcopop Task Group” by following the prompts.  Or perhaps you are a statewide organization, for example, juvenile judges in Nevada.  Create your group “Nevada Chapter of Juvenile Judges” or whatever your name is.  That way other members can join the group and share information with each other privately. 

IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER that when you create a group, you become the administrator of it.  You can add people to your group by permission only, or you can have anyone join.  The type of group will determine the permissions you give to your groups.  Currently there is a group for every state or the VIRTUAL STATEWIDE COALITION.  As you add your group, you will identify which state you are in.  That way when new users come to the website and search “Nevada”, for example, they will see all the groups in Nevada that have been created.  A user might want to join your group, but as the administrator, you will either accept them or not.

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