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  Help Us Build a National Coalition That Includes Members From Each State! Yes, we are building a national coalition and we want your state to be included!  In so doing, you will be creating a virtual statewide underage drinking prevention partnership  and collectively, we will be building a national coalition.  Our voice will be …

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About The Leadership Foundation

The Leadership To Keep Children Alcohol Free Foundation Leadership membership is composed of Governors’ spouses or their designate, who are also prosecutors, judges, educators, business leaders, substance abuse prevention specialists, and parents. They often act as a point of contact in their state conveying news about their state’s underage drinking prevention initiatives, and also taking …

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Commuity-Based Policy Whether you are a policymaker at the local, State, or national level, you can help enact and support policies that prevent the availability of alcohol to young people who are below the minimum drinking age.  Strategies include: Register kegs. Keg parties can be gathering sites for large groups of underage drinkers. Keg registration …

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Contact Information:     Leadership To Keep Children Alcohol Free Foundation     2933 Lower Bellbrook Rd.     Spring Valley, OH 45370-9001     937-848-2993     E-mail:   [email protected]

First Spouse Corner

This section is devoted to information and announcements for First Spouse members of the Leadership To Keep Children Alcohol Free Foundation.

Groups list

Coalition Nevada Coalition This is the group site for the Nevada Virtual Statewide Partnership on underage/childhood drinking prevention. For information on underage drinking for Nevada, see: http://www.cdc.gov/HealthyYouth/yrbs/index.htm. Two First Spouses have been active in the Leadership Foundation in recent years: First Lady Kathleen Sandoval and her predecessor First Lady Emeritus Dawn Gibbons. If you would …

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About 10% of 12-year-olds say they’ve tried alcohol. By age 15, that number jumps to 50%. The sooner you talk to your children about alcohol, the greater chance you have of influencing their decisions about drinking. For ideas on what to say, visit http://goo.gl/KPUue. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Underage Drinking …

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Positive Youth Development

Promoting Positive Youth Development:  An Investment in the Future Points of Intervention   Psycho-Social Educational Interventions Tapping Into Innate Resiliency Innate in each of us is the capacity to overcome adversity and to succeed in spite of the environmental conditions we find ourselves in.  Prevention and intervention professionals, educators, faith-based group leaders, and community youth/civic …

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Walk Across America!

WALK WITH US! In this section, learn about what’s happening near you, in your state, and across the Nation!  You can also help us by donating to those local and national efforts. News and Events Advertise An Upcoming Event to Broaden Your Outreach Efforts Help us raise money for prevention in your state. When you …

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