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About The Leadership Foundation

The Leadership To Keep Children Alcohol Free Foundation

Leadership membership is composed of Governors’ spouses or their designate, who are also prosecutors, judges, educators, business leaders, substance abuse prevention specialists, and parents. They often act as a point of contact in their state conveying news about their state’s underage drinking prevention initiatives, and also taking information back to their consitituencies.  The Leadership initiative provides members with a source of information to use as they reach out to these audience.  In this section, you will find information about:

  • how the Leadership Foundation began in 2000
  • a list of our impressive Board of Directors
  • awards and honors that have been bestowed upon participating members for their outstanding achievements in underage drinking prevention
  • a list of our funding sources and founders
  • a collection of the publications produced by the Leadership Foundation and the initiatives connected to them
  • our contact information.
Leadership To Keep Children Alcohol Free Foundation
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