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Help Us Build a National Coalition That Includes Members From Each State!

Yes, we are building a national coalition and we want your state to be included!  In so doing, you will be creating a virtual statewide underage drinking prevention partnership  and collectively, we will be building a national coalition.  Our voice will be strong, and together we can keep momemtum going on the national front around the important issue of childhood/underage drinking. 

Our Impressive Partners

In 2010, THE LEADERSHIP TO KEEP CHILDREN ALCOHOL FREE FOUNDATION invited organizations to become a partner  in preventing childhood drinking.  The following  agencies/groups expressed their belief in the efforts of the Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol Free Foundation and their desire to be part of the collective voice in changing the conversation about childhood drinking in one or more of  the following ways:    

  •     Increase parent education and engagement
  •     Reduce accessibility and availability of alcohol for young people
  •     Influence the dialogue about affordability
  •     Provide research that supports the goals of the Leadership Foundation
  •     Offer support to the Leadership To Keep Children Alcohol Free Foundation

Following is a list of partners that were approved by the Board of Directors of the Leadership Foundation from 2010-present.

  •     Hepatitis Foundation
  •     Marin Institute- now
  •     Drug Free Action Alliance
  •     Lee County Coalition For a Drug Free Southwest Florida
  •     NABCA
  •     Dr. Parnell Donahue –  Messengers in Denim, author/pediatrician- TN but National
  •     FACE
  •     Prevention Council of Roanoke County
  •     Kansas Family Partnership
  •     Outside the Classroom
  •     The NV Children’s Cabinet
  •     7 Valleys Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Inc.
  •     Center for Prevention and Counseling
  •     Partnership for a Drug Free Community of S. Florida
  •     Coalition for a Healthy Middletown
  •     Operation Snowball, Inc.
  •     Hope Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse
  •     Hope Whispers Community Organization
  •     Southwest Counseling Services
  •     Parent Resource Center at Families in Action

Engage Enhances Our Partnership Initiative

The Foundation urges you to partner with us in the effort to prevent childhood drinking.  To partner with us, we ask that you get connected to others who are working on this important issue by registering in the “Get Started” section.  This website is intended to facilitate networking within and across states on underage drinking prevention research and action.  Please join our effort to create statewide coalitions/partnerships where every coalition, individual, state agency, and state leadership can communicate and cooperate to uniformly develop comprehensive systems for reducing the availability and acceptability of alcohol consumption by minors.  In doing so, we become a nationwide, virtual coalition of concerned citizens, prevention professionals, law officers, educators, government and justice professionals, health care professionals, first spouses, state agencies and organizations.

Thank you,

Members of The Leadership To Keep Children Alcohol Free Foundation Board and its Partners