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Recent Data is Encouraging!

According to a recent study presented in  CESAR FAX, dated August 13, 2012, Vol. 21, Issue 32, The percentage of high school students who first tried alcohol or cigarettes before the age of 13 has declined considerably since 1991, with much of the decline occuring in the past decade.  Data from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey was used to determine the trend.  In 1991, 33% of high school students reported rinking more than a few sips of alcohol before age 13, compared to 29% in 2007 and 21% in 2011. 


Timeline of Federal Initiatives

Following is a timeline of accomplishments at the federal level that have contributed to this downward trend.  On this page are two timelines that depict the progress that has been made since 1984 related to the prevention of underage drinking.