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Major Initiatives

Major Initiatives with Related Publications

Following is a list of major publications/initiatives launched by The Leadership Foundation from 2009-2011.  The resources can be downloaded by clicking under the “Resources on Childhood Drinking” Tab on the home page.

Childhood Drinking –  Hundreds of communities across the United States have held conversations in many formats since the Surgeon General released the Call to Action to Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking in 2007. This guide  is intended to encourage not only the continuation of previous conversations on childhood drinking in Town Hall meetings and Task Forces, but also to encourage new conversations.  Conversations can be of all types in such places as  homes with several sets of parents/guardians, during a lunch periods in workplaces with co-workers, in  faith-based or community settings where parents/guardians gather for other reasons.  These are just a few places where concerned community members, and most especially parents, can begin to talk about this important public health issue.










To Download document:

Childhood Drinking final.docx



Leadership READS – The Leadership READS Initiative is a nationwide endeavor to facilitate parents’ learning about several techniques to minimze the risk of their children using alcohol and other drugs. Ideally, the First Spouse of every state will choose to kick off a Leadership Reads program in their state, but it can also be implemented by local leaders as well, such as the Mayor or Mayor’s Spouse.  The intent of the Leadership Reads Initiative is to bring together parents/guardians to discuss books that relate to childhood and adolescent health.  The book selected for the Leadership Reads Initiative is Messengers in Denim:  The Amazing Things Parents Can Learn from Teens, authored by Par Donahue, M.D. (Mapletree Publishing Company).  The discussion guide related to that book centers on alcohol use as a deterrent to childhood/adolescent health, well-being and success.









To download documents:



Leadership READS how to[2].pdf


Working to Prevent Underate Drinking:  Educational Modules for Use with Parents, Caregivers and Other Adults Who Care about Kids – The objective of the Toolkit is to arm community leaders with the tools to take action at the state and local levels to encourage the adoption of drug-free workplace programs that incorporate underage drinking prevention education for parents and guardians. It contains four modules:

Module 1:  The Picture of Underage Drinking
Module 2:  Our Own Use of Alcohol:  The Role Adults Play
Module 3:  Conversations About Alcohol:  Communicating with Kids
Module 4:  Media and Kids:  Teaching Media Literacy

Click here to download the document (4 modules in one pdf format)

Four Educational Modules Entitled Working to Prevent Underage Drinking.pdf