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Find Your State Data

Resources for State Data

Multiple on-line data resources exist to facilitate local planning purposes. Some states collect their own data and can be found in Departments of Health, Substance Abuse, and Education. Likewise,  there are several federal systems for data collection; and some are reported by state, such as the Youth Risk Behavior Survey.  Links to four sites are listed below:

1.  Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System

The Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) monitors priority health-risk behaviors and the prevalence of obesity and asthma among youth and young adults. The YRBSS includes a national school-based survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state, territorial, tribal, and local surveys conducted by state, territorial, and local education and health agencies and tribal governments.


2.  SAMHSA, Office of Applied Studies

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Office of Applied Studies (OAS) is the primary source of information on the prevalence and incidence of substance abuse and mental health problems in the United States and the characteristics of those who suffer from these problems.  SAMHSA’s OAS is also the national source of information on the location, organization, and capacity of providers that offer services to prevent and treat substance abuse, including the cost, quality, and effectiveness of the services of these providers.

3.  Pride Survey Data

Pride Surveys was created in 1982 by professors at Georgia State University in Atlanta and Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. Their purpose was to help local schools measure student alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. Pride Surveys now measure behavior on many crucial issues that can affect learning: family, discipline, safety, activities, gangs, and more.  With today’s emphasis on evaluation and accountability, Pride Surveys have assisted single schools, school districts, state and federal agencies, and other organizations such as community coalitions.  In 1998 a federal law designated Pride Surveys as an official measurement of adolescent drug use in America.  More than 10 million students, parents, and faculty members have responded to Pride Surveys. We have conducted more than 32,000 school level surveys.  Pride Surveys is independently owned by International Survey Associates and is housed in a state of the art facility in Bowling Green.  Following are the most recent report summaries:

4.  APIS – Alcohol Policy Information System

The Alcohol Policy Information System (APIS) is an online resource that provides detailed information on a wide variety of alcohol-related policies in the United States at both State and Federal levels. It features compilations and analyses of alcohol-related statutes and regulations. Designed primarily as a tool for researchers, APIS simplifies the process of ascertaining the state of the law for studies on the effects of alcohol-related policies.  The principal research tools on this Web site are 35 sets of comparison tables and supporting materials for selected alcohol policies.