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Working to Prevent Underage Drinking

Working to Prevent Underage Drinking Modules

Module 1:  The Picture of Underage Drinking
    Module 2:  Our Own Use of Alcohol:  The Role Adults Play
    Module 3:  Conversations About Alcohol:  Communicating with Kids
    Module 4:  Media and Kids:  Teaching Media Literacy
    Combined Modules 1-4


Working to Prevent Underage Drinking Webinar (October 20, 2009)

Working to Prevent Underage Drinking Toolkit

The objective of the Toolkit is to arm community leaders with the tools to take action at the state and local levels to encourage the adoption of drug-free workplace programs that incorporate underage drinking prevention education for parents and guardians.  To view the Toolkit, download the following documents:

The Toolkit is the result of a collaborative effort between the Leadership Foundation and several non-profit organizations, state and federal agencies, and private organizations committed to improving the health of America’s youth and families including:  the U.S. Department of Labor’s Working Partners for an Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace Program ( and Working Partners®of Columbus Ohio, ( a private consulting and training firm with turn-key services established to directly serve and support workplaces with development and/or maintenance needs for drug-free operations.